Fuel For
Adventures Ahead

Folks need satisfying, sustaining nutrition to tackle big days away from home. With Kodiak, fuel up with whole grains, protein, and great taste. Discover Kodiak’s lineup of flapjacks and waffles, bars, cups, and more. 

flapjack stack for chef series

Chef Series / Restaurant Read Flapjack & waffle mix

Carefully crafted with 100% whole grains and 14 grams of protein per serving to give you the great-tasting nourishment you need to take on the day.

food service products - Kodiak Cakes minute cups with flapjacks for on-the-go breakfast


Just add water, stir, microwave, and enjoy. No dirty dishes, simply take it to go for a hearty, protein-packed meal in 60 seconds. Discover flavor and food options.

food service products - Kodiak Cakes oatmeal make a convinient snack for vending

Oatmeal Packets

A warm breakfast can make away-from-home folks feel right at home. Each serving contains minimum 10g of protein and whole grains for sustaining nutrition.  

food service products - Snack Adventurously chewy granola bars by Kodiak Cakes

Crunchy & CHewy Granola Bars

Chocolate, peanut butter, s’more—discover folk’s favorite flavors in these travel-sized chewy bars—complete with whole grains and protein.  

food service products - Kodiak Cakes Toaster Waffles packaging

Toaster Waffles & Flapjacks

Need a steamy hot breakfast that tastes good and keeps customers feeling full and satisfied? Pop these babies in the toaster for folks needing a warm, quick meal.  

From convenient, easy-to-read packaging to great-taste and elevated nutrition, Kodiak’s food service products can drive sales and boost business.  Find us in multiple locations.

College & University

Students need the nourishment for everything college throws their way. From flapjacks and muffins in a cup to whole grain, protein-packed bars, Kodiak’s got convenient options for campus life.


Kodiak’s whole grain, protein-packed cups and bars are travel size for on-the-go nutrition. Plus, the easy-to-read packaging and on-trend snack options are a consumer’s first choice. Discover popular flavor options fit for everyone’s taste and better for your business.

Hotel & Lodging

Travelers simply want nutritious foods without sacrificing taste. And with Kodiak’s satisfying whole grains, protein-packed mixes, and flavorful options, consumers get the best of both worlds. Add mixes, cups, and bars to your micro-markets, buffets, and more!